Alexa Govt spreading cyber propaganda against BNP: Rizvi

Dhaka, Monday   19 August 2019


Govt spreading cyber propaganda against BNP: Rizvi

 Staff Correspondent

 Published: 01:21 PM, 1 December 2018   Updated: 01:21 PM, 1 December 2018

Daily Bangladesh Desk

Daily Bangladesh Desk

BNP Joint Secretary General Ruhul Kabir Rizvi commented that the ruling Awami League has started the cyber war against BNP to spreading propaganda around the elections.

“Before the election, to return the voters' attention, the government is spreading false propaganda in the name of BNP acting chairman and Zia family through different social connections,” Rizvi said while he was talking in a press release at the Nayapaltan central office on Saturday morning.

He said, at present, the mass-isolated illegal government started the ugly cyber war against the BNP by wasting money of state in front of the next election.

He complained that they (ruling party) are in the false propaganda against Tarique Rahman and to stop the liberation movement of Khaleda Zia. Social networks including Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc are sublimed with their terrible propaganda. Various types of super-imposed images, tempered fake audio-video are spreading violence throughout the country.

Rizvi said, “Awami League is using more than a half-century of online portals, Youtube groups and facebook groups in these evil tasks. They are advertising; costing thousands of dollars, they are boosting and promoting that propaganda by creating fake ids on Facebook; daily. These propaganda online portal, YouTube channel and Facebook group of Awami League are included - Bengal Insider, Bangla News-Post, Amader Rajnitee, Chiorayata Bangladesh, News for All, Chobir Moto Desh, Bangladeshi Viral Video, Chairman Sub, Guerrilla 71, Shuno He Bengali, Cyber Force 71, Rokto Rin Ekadtar, Bangabandhu Cyber Force, Bangabandhu Digital Brigade, Awami Cyber Brigade, Aam Jonota, Vorer Pata, Gujobe Kan Dibenna, Mohamed A Arafat etc.

Rizvi said, “Awami League is spending unaccounted money to open the cyber website and run erroneous, fictitious, bizarre propaganda of the Prime Minister's very own people.”

The central organization of the propaganda organized against the BNP leaders is the 'Centers for Research and Information-CRI' set up in Awami League's Dhanmondi office - The Prime Minister's relatives are the chairman and Head of Strategy and Programmer Study.