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Govt initiatives for expatriates

 Shahadat Hossain Rakib

 Published: 08:49 PM, 18 November 2019   Updated: 08:53 PM, 18 November 2019

Photo: Collected

Photo: Collected

The Awami League-led government has been implementing various initiatives for the welfare of the expatriates since coming to power. The Ministry of Expatriates' Welfare & Overseas Employment is working in continuation of this.

It is learned that due to various initiatives of the government, the number of expatriates workers has increased in the last 10 years. As a result, remittance is also increased. The economy of the country is moving forward with increasing remittance in the last 10 years.

At present, Bangladeshis expatriates are working 165 countries across the world. During the last 10 years (2009-2018) a total, 59, 33,095 workers have gone abroad in the government's diplomatic efforts.

Of them, 4,75,278 in 2009, 3,90,702 in 2010, 5,68,062 in 2011, 6,7,798 in 2012, 4,9,253 in 2013, 4,25,684 in 2014, 5,55,861 in 2015, 7,57,731 in 2016, 10,8,525 in 2017 and 7,34,181 workers in 2018 went to abroad.

In addition, from January to August 2019, a total of 4,17,284 workers went to different countries.

According to figures from the Bureau of Manpower Employment and Training, this year a total of 44,713 people, the highest number of workers went to Saudi Arabia. Jordan is in the 2nd position where 12,220 people and 7,927 in Oman while 2, 523 people went to Qatar.

Remittance increased:

From 2009-2018 Bangladesh's remittance inflows was 13,185 crore and 62 lakh US dollar. In the previous decade, it was only 3,363 crore and 42 lakh US dollars. In the last 10 years, the remittance inflow increased by 9,819 crores and 20 lakh. 

According to the data of Bangladesh Bank, remittances sent by the Bangladeshi expatriates stood at 968 crore and 92 lakh USD in 2008-09 FY, 1,098 crore and 74 lakh USD in 2009-10, 1,165 core and 3 lakh USD in 2010-11, 1,284 crore and 34 lakh USD in 2011-12, 1,446 crore and 69 lakh USD in 2012-13, 2,422 crore and 82 lakh USD in 2013-14, 1,531 crore and 69 lakh in 2014-15, 1,493 crore and 11 lakh USD in 2015-16, 1,276 crore and 94 lakh USD in 2016-17 and 1,497 crore and 88 lakh USD in 2017-18 FY. 

Besides, in the last financial year (2018-19) remittance inflows was 1,641 crore and 96 lakh USD. Which is the highest in a year.

In addition, remittances inflows during the first four months of the current fiscal year (2019-20) is 615 crore USD.


In the current fiscal year, the government has announced to give incentives in cash against remittances sent by expatriate Bangladeshis at a rate of two percent. In the meantime, this incentive has begun.


The government is providing technical training to the employees under the Bureau of Manpower Employment and Inquiry for employment abroad. Currently, there are 70 such organizations who are working for technical training. Millions of people have been trained through these organizations. In 2018, a total of 6, 81, 786 people trained.

Financial Assistance to the families of deceased expatriates:

At present, the government is given Tk 35,000 for transport and burial. The government also donated Tk 3 lakh to the families of the deceased expatriate. However, those who go abroad illegally and die are not given any financial assistance.

It has been reported that from 2009-18, in the 10 years, a total 24, 244 expertise family have been given a grant about 628 crore 87 lakh 59 thousand takas.

Children of expatriates getting education Scholarship:

Wage-earners welfare board, under the Ministry of Overseas Welfare and Overseas Employment, is providing education scholarship to the children of expat workers. The scholarship was launched in 2012.

Expatriates under insurance: 

Expatriates are brought under insurance. If an expatriate dies while working abroad or becomes physically disabled due to an accident, the expatriate and his family will receive financial compensation from insurance. And in this case, employees of the age group of 18 to 58 are being compelled to be compulsorily insured while going abroad. That's why the Insurance Development and Regulatory Authority (IDRA) has finalized the 'migrant worker insurance policy'.

Medical Centers in Embassies for Expatriates : 

Government is taking the initiative to set up medical centers in embassies for migrant workers. The Ministry of Overseas Welfare and Foreign Employment is working to implement this. Expatriates will get a lot of relief from harassment if the medical centers set up.

Minister of Expatriates' Welfare and Foreign Employment Imran Ahmed said the government has taken various steps for the welfare of the expatriates. The ministry always seeks to serve them. They are working to improve the quality of life of the expatriates.

The minister added that each of the expatriates is an ambassador. The government will do more in the future for their welfare.