Google celebrates Int’l Women’s Day with Doodle...

Dhaka, Tuesday   13 April 2021

Google celebrates Int’l Women’s Day with Doodle

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 Published: 10:24 AM, 8 March 2021   Updated: 03:25 PM, 8 March 2021

Google celebrates International Women’s Day with a Doodle on Monday; Photo: Collected

Google celebrates International Women’s Day with a Doodle on Monday; Photo: Collected

Search engine giant Google has created a new Doodle on its homepage celebrating International Women’s Day on Monday.

Bangladesh is celebrating International Women’s Day with the rest of the world, celebrating women’s achievement, raising awareness against bias, and taking action for equality.

This year’s theme of the day – “Women in leadership: Achieving an equal future in a Covid-19 world.”

The theme is aligned with the UNDP’s (United Nations Development Programme) multigenerational campaign on achieving an equal future in a COVID-19 world.

According to UNDP, Women must have the opportunity to play a full role in shaping the pivotal decisions being made right now as countries respond to and recover from the COVID-19 pandemic – choices that will affect the wellbeing of people and the planet for generations to come.

Marking the day, Google created a video featuring women’s equality, positions in all professions.

The Doodle is highlighting female pioneers who have challenged the status quo and paved the way in education, civil rights, science, art, and so much more.

The Doodle pays homage to these heroes by depicting the hands that have opened the doors for generations of women. While some firsts achieve something spectacularly new, others are receiving recognition or right that is long overdue. 

About the Doodle, Google says it celebrating the women around the world who overcame the obstacles of their time to create a lasting legacy. 

“Suffragists, academics, gold medalists, entrepreneurs and more—today’s Doodle celebrates those women who laid the foundation, in the past, for today’s doors to be finally opened and glass ceilings are broken,” it added.