Goods worth USD 3,699m exported from Cumilla EPZ...

Dhaka, Thursday   15 April 2021

Goods worth USD 3,699m exported from Cumilla EPZ

 Cumilla Correspondent

 Published: 09:41 PM, 4 March 2021  

Photo: Daily Bangladesh

Photo: Daily Bangladesh

Cumilla EPZ, the fourth Export Processing Zone (EPZ) of the country, is playing a special role in production, import-export, employment and socio-economic development. Even for domestic and foreign investors, this is one of the main areas for EPZ investment. Cumilla EPZ has received USD 437 million in investment since 2000. Products worth USD 3,699 million have been exported.

The Bangladesh Export Processing Zones Authority (BEPZA) held a press conference on Thursday afternoon on the role of Cumilla EPZ in the overall development of the country. BEPZA General Manager (Public Relations) Nazma Binte Alamgir spoke about the overall development and activities of EPZs in the country at a press conference held at the organization’s Cumilla office. Cumilla EPZ General Manager Md. Zillur Rahman and other officials were present at that time.

Nazma Binte Alamgir said Cumilla EPZ was established on 267.46 acres of land in the old airport area of Cumilla. This is the fourth EPZ in the country. So far, domestic and foreign investment in the EPZ has reached USD 437 million US dollars and goods worth USD 3,699 million have been exported.

She said about 35,000 workers are working in 47 domestic and foreign industrial establishments in Cumilla EPZ. The wages of these workers are 30 percent higher than those of outside organizations. This is a secure workplace. Since its launch in 2000, no workers have been killed in accidents.

The general manager of BEPZA said that in 2015, central liquid waste treatment plants were set up in four EPZs including Cumilla. Through this refinery, the liquid waste of every industrial plant is being treated 100 percent. This is not polluting the surrounding environment. This waste treatment plant can treat at least 15,000 cubic meters of waste in 24 hours using chemical and biological methods. Cumilla EPZ is currently treating an average of 8,000 cubic meters of waste per day.

She added that BEPZA representatives are collecting and testing samples from the refinery every day. Water purified twice a month is being tested at BEPZA Chattogram Lab. The Department of Environment is also testing this water every three months. In addition, tests are being conducted in BUET’s lab every six months. The water of the central liquid waste treatment plant is being discharged while maintaining the standards of the Department of Environment. As a result, there is no chance of any damage to the environment, rivers, agricultural lands, and biodiversity through that water