Gold price reduces Tk 1516 per bhori...

Dhaka, Saturday   17 April 2021

Gold price reduces Tk 1516 per bhori

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 Published: 11:40 AM, 3 March 2021  

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It has been decided to reduce the price of gold in the country’s market by another Tk 1,516 per bhori. Of these, the price of 22-carat gold ornaments has come down to Tk 71,150 from Tk 72,667. 

The price has come down as gold prices continue to decline in the global market. With this, the price of gold ornaments has come down three times this year.

This information has been given in a press release sent by Bangladesh Jewelers Association on Tuesday night.

A 22-carat gold ornament will be sold at Tk 71,150, a 21-carat at Tk 68,001, an 18-carat gold ornament at Tk 59,253 and a traditional gold ornament at Tk 48,930, the press release said.

According to the press release, the price of 22, 21, 18-carat and traditional method gold has been reduced by Tk 1,516 since Wednesday.

On January 13, the Bangladesh Jewelers Association reduced the gold price by around Tk 2,000 per bhori, as a result, 22-carat gold ornaments were sold at Tk 72,667, 21-carat gold at Tk 69,517, 18-carat gold at Tk 60,069 and traditional ornaments at Tk 50,447 till Tuesday. 

Meanwhile, the Jewelers Association has said that the price of silver has remained the same even though the price of gold has come down. 22-carat silver weights will be sold at Tk 1,516, 21 and 18-carat silver weights at Tk 1,435 and Tk 1,225 respectively, and traditional silver will be at Tk 933.