Gold price further hiked amid upswing intl market...

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Gold price further hiked amid upswing intl market

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 Published: 10:04 PM, 23 July 2019   Updated: 10:05 PM, 23 July 2019

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Gold prices rose over a period of 20 days again in the country due to the upswing rate in international markets.

The new price will be effective from Wednesday, declares Bangladesh Jewelers Association (Bajus) in a press release on Tuesday.

It said that gold prices are currently at the highest level in the last 6to 7 years in the international market. Besides, the price of gold in the domestic bullion market was increased, taking into consideration the overall situation, it was decided on the basis of the unanimous opinion of the members of the working committee of the Bangladesh Jewelers Association, it also illustrated.

Bajus sets gold prices in the country's markets in line with international markets. Last July 4, gold prices were increased Tk 2041 per bhori.

From Wednesday onwards, according to the new price, the best quality or 23-carat gold will be sold at Tk 65027 per bhori (11.664 grams) while 22-carat will be sold at Tk 53,363, 21-carat gold at Tk 50,030 and 18-carat at Tk 46,014 per bhori.

At present, the price of 23-carat is Tk 63 thousand 860, while 22 carat is Tk 52 thousand 196, 21-carat is Tk 49 thousand 864 and 18-carat is Tk 44thousand 848 per bhori.

However, gold and silver prices are stable in the traditional way. The gold price for the traditional method is Tk 26,827 and 21-carat silver is Tk 933 per bhori.