Global coronavirus death toll nearly .55 million...

Dhaka, Monday   03 August 2020

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Global coronavirus death toll nearly .55 million

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 Published: 06:31 AM, 8 July 2020  

Photo: Collected

Photo: Collected

The death toll from the global pandemic coronavirus is surging 546,000. And nearly 12 million people have been infected with coronavirus across the world so far.

Until the report was written, the total number of deaths in coronavirus worldwide so far is 545,605. people; according to the date reported on the international survey agency And 11,940,258 people have been infected with the lethal virus. Besides, 6,844,137 people have been recovered globally.

The virus, which was first detected in China, has so far infected 213 countries and two international territories around the globe. The United States still tops the world in terms of both the number of victims and the number of deaths. A total of 3,096,516 people have been infected with coronavirus in the country so far. Of these, 133,954 people have died.

The Latin American country of Brazil is in second place in the list of the dead. So far, 66,868 people have died out of 1,674,655 coronavirus cases in the country.

India, the 3rd worst affected nation by the coronavirus outbreak, has recorded 743,481 coronavirus cases while the death toll has surpassed 20,653.

The United Kingdom is in third place and at the top of Europe in terms of coronavirus deaths. The death toll in the country is 44,391. The total number of victims is 286,349 people in the country.

The death toll in coronavirus in Italy has stood at 34,899. And a total of 241,956 people have been infected.

In December 2019, the coronavirus spread from Wuhan, the capital of Hubei Province, China. The country of origin of the virus has so far recorded 83,565 coronavirus cases. Of these, 4,634 people have died.