Global coronavirus death toll exceeds 724,000...

Dhaka, Wednesday   30 September 2020

Global coronavirus death toll exceeds 724,000

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 Published: 09:08 AM, 8 August 2020   Updated: 09:39 AM, 8 August 2020

Photo: Collected

Photo: Collected

The death toll from coronavirus has surpassed 724,000 and the number of infections exceeded 19,543,000 people in 215 countries and territories around the globe.

According to worldometer, so far, 724,075 people have died from the deadly virus infection out of 19,543,533 coronavirus cases across the world. Of them, 12,545,567 have recovered.

The United States is the most affected nation by the deadly coronavirus having more than 5,095,524 people infected with the virus. Of these, 164,094 have died in the country.

Brazil, the Latin American country, has the second-highest number of deaths from coronavirus. So far, 99,702 people have died of the coronavirus infection in the country while the number of cases is 2,967,064.

Mexico has the third-highest number of deaths. So far, 51,311 people have died of coronavirus in the country out of 469,407 cases.

In the United Kingdom, which listed at the top of Europe, 46,511 people have died and 309,005 people have been infected with coronavirus so far.

Meanwhile, India is in the third position in infection rate, 2,086,864 people have been infected in the country while 42,578 people have died.

The coronavirus was first detected in Wuhan, the capital of Hubei Province, China in December 2019. In the country of origin, 84,596 people have been infected so far. Of these, 4,634 people have died.