Girls prefer obese men: Study...

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Girls prefer obese men: Study

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 Published: 12:56 PM, 20 November 2019   Updated: 04:51 PM, 20 November 2019

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Women are more attracted to men who have a fatty bally, shows a recent study. The research made by the University of Missouri reported that, for the relationship, women are more likely to prefer young men having slight fatty bally. Because the obese men are considered to the girls more trustworthy than men with the husky body, news Indy100.

The study was conducted with interviews with about 500 women. In most polls, women were seen reluctant about groomed or handsome men for pair selection. However, scientists believe that the evolution and trend fact would remain behind it.

It has been reported that, in the case of the common man, if the male partner adheres too much to the rules, it is about to have an effect on the relation. Moreover, most women believe that men who are slight obese are more likely to focus on work.

Also, young men having little fatty bally are thought to give more time to family. In that case, women feel more secure socially.