Extremists use religion to create fascism, they mainly want to fight against religion; says CCTC Chief

Dhaka, Monday   17 June 2019

Extremists use religion to create fascism, they mainly want to fight against religion; says CCTC Chief

 Staff Correspondent daily-bangladesh.com

 Published: 07:07 PM, 17 June 2019  

Photo: DailyBangladesh

Photo: DailyBangladesh

DMP Additional Police Commissioner (CCTC) Monirul Islam commented that there can be any kind of extremism. He said recently there have been attacks in different countries including New Zealand, Sri Lanka. If there is a right knowledge of religion among the people, no one will be involved in extremism. If someone has beard, wear Punjabi and hat, he would engage in extremism; it’s totally wrong idea. Do not have to doubt him.

Munirul said,'We are trying to break this wrong idea from the people'.

DMP’s Additional Commissioner of Police (CCTC) Monirul Islam inaugurated the daylong student dialogue at Lalbagh Exclusive Convention Hall at 10.am on Monday morning.

This student dialogue was held under the project of Bangladesh police aiming to prevent extremism named Anti-Terrorism and International Criminal Prevention Center development project. Bangladesh police DMP's Counter Terrorism and Transnational Crime Unit organized this student dialogue in Lalbagh in the capital.

Lalbagh division Deputy Commissioner of Police Mohammad Ibrahim Khan along with the teachers and students coming from different madrasahs were present in the meeting.

Monirul Islam said, there is no doubt that, the people of Bangladesh are pious and religious. But the people of this country do not want to enforce the Islamic State by violent, extremism, killing people or making people miserable. They want to bring people to Islam through the invitation, because Islam comes to Bangladesh through the offering.

Monirul Islam said, “Before discussing with you, we discussed about violent extremism with the people's representatives, journalists, police and students of the university and. In the case of counter terrorism, misinterpretation is called narrative in English, and the correct interpretation is called Counter Narrative. But it should be narrative in proper explanation and counter narrative in case misinterpretation, infect. Why Muslims will counter narrate?  These alleged should be for militants. In the case of interpretation, we are trying to avoid these gaps.”

The CCTC chief said, “The extremists use religion to create fascism, they mainly want to fight against religion, to mitigate religion and to destroy religious doctrine.”

He said “This country is ours. The number of people in this country is the Muslim majority. I told foreigners that there is no element of Terrorism in our country. Muslims of our country are not victims of any discrimination. Western thinks Muslims are victims of discrimination. But there is no discrimination in our country.”

Monirul Islam said, "Very few people of our country tried to engage in violent extremism separately. We can all work together so that it cannot be successful. We will practice the religion properly and you will give the right knowledge and explanation to religious people. Besides, if someone goes on the path of violent extremism we will have to try to bring him back. They are people of our country. In the meantime, we have given many misguided sons back to their parents with proper guidance. We will work together with you."

At the time, the CCTC chief Monirul Islam answered various questions about extremism asked by the madrasah students.