George Floyd laid to rest beside his mother’s grave...

Dhaka, Sunday   13 June 2021

George Floyd laid to rest beside his mother’s grave

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 Published: 06:17 PM, 10 June 2020   Updated: 06:18 PM, 10 June 2020

George Floyd’s body was Houston Memorial Gardens for burial on Tuesday; Photo: Collected

George Floyd’s body was Houston Memorial Gardens for burial on Tuesday; Photo: Collected

George Floyd, an African-American black man who died in police custody was buried next to his mother’s grave in Houston two weeks after his death.

He recently died after being brutally tortured by white police officers in Minneapolis, Minnesota. His death has caused great outrage in the world, including the United States.

Floyd’s funeral was held at the Fountain of Praise Church in Houston on Tuesday, according to BBC. The body was kept there for about six hours to pay honour and homage by the people.

His body was first taken by car to the Houston Memorial Gardens. After completing all the formalities, the body was taken to Pearland Cemetery in a horse-drawn carriage. George Floyd was buried there next to his mother’s grave.

Speaking at a church in Houston in memory of George Floyd, the speakers said, “Floyd’s only crime was to be born black.”

Family members of George Floyd were present. His niece, Brooke William, called existing the U.S. law a “disadvantage” for black people, saying that “not only was her uncle killed, but it was also a heinous crime.”

“Why is this system so much corrupted and fragile?” she asks at the funeral and at the same time, replied herself that “these laws failed in the African-American system. So, these laws need to be changed.” 

At the time, some were saying, “Make America Great Again but when the Americans were great?”

Joe Biden, the opposition Democrat candidate for Donald Trump in the November presidential election, paid tribute to George Floyd in a video message. 

He says, “Once justice is guaranteed for George Floyd, America will move forward to ensure equal justice for people of all races.”

He also protested President Trump’s controversial remarks about George Floyd.

About 500 guests, including various stars and politicians, were present at the funeral and farewell ceremony for George Floyd. “George Floyd’s only crime was he was black,” said Al Green, a local Democrat congressman.

“God has put him at the center of a movement that will change the whole world,” said Al Sharpton, a civil rights activist.

Meanwhile, Minnesota Governor Tim Walz called on locals to observe 8.46 minutes of silence in memory of Floyd’s funeral. It was 8.46 minutes – as the police officer held George Floyd on his knees to the ground for 8.46 minutes.