George Floyd death: Plans to dismantle Minneapolis police dept...

Dhaka, Saturday   12 June 2021

George Floyd death: Plans to dismantle Minneapolis police dept

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 Published: 03:53 PM, 8 June 2020  

Police in a firm position in front of Minneapolis Police Department; Photo: Collected

Police in a firm position in front of Minneapolis Police Department; Photo: Collected

Nine city council members of US city Minneapolis have announced to dismantle and rebuild the controversial police department following the death in custody of black youth George Floyd.

They announced on Sunday, according to a report in the US media CNN.

“We have agreed to disband the Minneapolis Police Department,” council president Lisa Bender told CNN, adding, “We will build a new model community for the safety of Minneapolis residents.”

She said nine of the 13 members of the council agreed.

Meanwhile, the decision to disband the Minneapolis Police Department involved in the murder of George Floyd is being hailed as a historic step. At the same time, it has been described as a landmark event in the history of the United States.

Bender said the current system has become useless. “We need to listen to black leaders. The police are not working for them.”

She said she wanted to transfer police funds to community-based policies. “The city council will discuss how to restructure the current police department,” Bender also said.

The council president said the plan to have no police department is not for the short term, rather it’s for the long term.

Lisa Bender and other members of the council analyzed the emergency call 911. “Most of the phones are related to mental health care, health, firefighting,” Bender said.

Nine members of the council made the announcement at a rally in Minneapolis, saying the plans were afoot to dismantle the police department in the wake of the brutal assassination of George Floyd.

Earlier this week, city council members tweeted that they were taking steps to dismantle the Minneapolis Police Department.

A video of the murder of unarmed George Floyd on May 25 went viral on social media. There, three officers from the Minneapolis Police Department were seen brutally killing George Floyd. As seen in the video, police members unjustly strangled him by knee. He repeatedly screamed for breath and pleaded for life. Blacks started protesting against the unjust death of Floyd, but now it has spread across the country.

This is seen as a major achievement for the ongoing movement and for those who have been fighting for a long time to break the police and prison system.