Alexa General Aziz Ahmed - A Dedicated Golfer Army Chief

Dhaka, Monday   19 August 2019


General Aziz Ahmed - A Dedicated Golfer Army Chief

 Staff Correspondent

 Published: 12:35 PM, 26 June 2019   Updated: 06:51 PM, 31 July 2019

Bangladesh Army chief General Aziz Ahmed

Bangladesh Army chief General Aziz Ahmed

Chief of Army Staff of Bangladesh Army General Aziz Ahmed BGBM, PBGM, BGBMS, PSC, G formally took over the Command of Bangladesh Army as Chief of Army Staff on June 26, 2018. Shortly after assuming office, he has been appointed as the president of Bangladesh Golf Federation. General Aziz Ahmed himself is a dedicated golf player and a devoted patron of various sports including golf. He was involved in golfing and worked for the development of golf and other sports in various capacity in his career. In a word, Bangladesh Army chief is a person who knows, what is needed to improve golf in Bangladesh and what kind of practical steps are necessary for furthering Golf game in Bangladesh. 

Bangladesh Army chief General Aziz Ahmed

Bangladesh Golf Federation is the apex body of golf in Bangladesh. The organization is working for the development, promotion and introduction of golf in the country. 13 golf and country clubs across Bangladesh are now affiliated with Bangladesh Golf Federation. Since taking over the responsibility, General Aziz Ahmed relentlessly has been trying to improve these clubs on different aspects and to rendering those more aesthetic. He has already instructed more golf clubs to be affiliated with the Bangladesh Golf Federation. It is to be noted that Bangladesh Golf Federation is affiliated with ‘Bangladesh Olympic Association’ and working under the 'Ministry of Youth and Sports’. 

Bangladesh Army chief General Aziz Ahmed

In personal life also, Bangladesh Army chief besides being a good golf player, he is a connoisseur and a devoted patron of the game. He spends most of his leisure time playing golf and working for the development of golf. According to him, golf has intrinsic importance in our troubled and busy life. The game works as a bridge between our life and struggle. From the tedious life of everyday, golf brings us closer to nature and creates a pleasant leisure time. We need such leisure in order to re-engage in our war of lives. He believes that it is very possible to increase their mental ability of an individual by increasing physical fitness through playing golf, which will eventually play a positive role in their professional life. For this purpose, General Aziz Ahmed has already taken several steps to promote golf in Bangladesh.

After taking over the duty as the president of the Golf Federation, he has already made significant contributions to the development and increasing aesthetics of the various golf and country clubs. Under his command, the international golf tournaments have been held in the golf clubs of Bangladesh. Among these, the fourth President Cup Golf Tournament, held in April 2019, is particularly notable. Bangladesh Army chief General Aziz Ahmed also has taken special steps to promote the game among children and teenagers, through which the new generation will come forward to play golf and the new generation of golf players will be created in Bangladesh.

Bangladesh Army chief General Aziz Ahmed

As the Army Chief of Bangladesh Army, General Aziz Ahmed took significant steps to enhance the organizational ability of the Army. These steps have already enhanced the Bangladesh military's professional knowledge and skills to a great extent. Everyone is optimistic that as the current president of the Golf Federation, his efforts and patronage will create a new horizon in the field of golf in Bangladesh.