Garlic and Aloe Vera can cure dandruff forever...

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Garlic and Aloe Vera can cure dandruff forever

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 Published: 05:18 PM, 17 January 2020  

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In the winter season, everyone both male and female has faced the common problem of dandruff and hair loss. Many are using various types of creams and shampoos to relieve the problem. Do you know the skin is more prone to acne and allergies due to itching? But the problem can be solved easily by only two elements at your home. Let’s learn the two ways —


Garlic has thousands of benefits. It is just as beneficial for the body as it is for the hair because it contains anti-fungal elements that are able to eliminate the problem of dandruff. 

To remove dandruff, blend the garlic into garlic juice and mix it with a little water then use it on your hair. With this, you can also use a little honey and ginger juice. To relief from dandruff totally use this mixture three days a week

Aloe vera

Who does not know about aloe vera’s uses and benefits in our daily life? Most of the people use aloe vera only for solving the skin problem but not in hair. But aloe vera is also very effective to solve hair problems like hair growth, hair loss, dandruff etc.

Aloe Vera contains anti-bacterial and anti-fungal ingredients which are very necessary for hair growth and strength. To remove dandruff, use aloe vera juice mixed with coconut oil. According to Indian physician Sirisa, after the use of aloe vera, scalp rashes, itchiness and dandruff can be relieved.