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Dhaka, Monday 10 Dec, 2018

Garbage dump creates severe suffering

Feni correspondentDaily-Bangladesh.com
Photo: Daily Bangladesh

Almost two acres of congested Feni's peripheral municipal are filled with garbage dump. About 15,000 people live in BSCIC, Dewanganj, Dharmapur, Toukhar and Mathbaria villages around the garbage dump. Municipality garbage is being burned and here 24 hours. As a result smoke and bad odor spreading to the winds. So people's life has become impatient with smoke and bad odor.

Besides, 10 families in less than 50 yards of the garbage. There are mosques, schools, and madrassas nearby. Many people in the area have sold homes because of the bad odor and smoke. Rest of them also want to sell the land, but there is no buyer.

In the municipal office, it is learned that 8 to 10 tons of garbage was being dumped every day at the dumping station.

Mathbaria resident Tarekul Islam said the smoke creates huge sufferings to the people of the area. People lives are getting impatient by mosquito bites.

Farmer Abu Taher said, there is a serious harm to our agriculture. The contaminated water of the adjoining land created wounds in different parts of the body. Now it creates harm of Rabi crops.

The owner of the house near the side of the fort said that the dirt reservoir was in front of my house. Smells, mosquito-flies, and smoke hells our lives. The doors and windows of the house have to be closed all day.

Salma Begum, a housewife of the eastern side, adjacent to the garbage said, we can not stay in our house due to the smell of garbage. To escape such kinds of situation stape should be taken soon.

Fakhir Ahmed, a resident of Mathbaria village said that the garbage dump of the municipality was being brought to this area for 15-20 years. We want relief from this pain.

Motorcycle driver Iqbal Hossain said that breathing has to be stopped while crossing this area.

Another resident Ajmer Hossain said due to the negligence of the driver of the municipality, there were dirt and garbage beside the road. As a result, the road ahead of the fort is very bad.

Feni Municipality Panel Mayor Nazrul Islam Swapan Miazi said that the work of megaproject is going on in Sultanpur for the production of organic manure by processing the dumping station of the garbage. Hopefully, the suffering of people and pedestrians around the garbage- will be eased soon.

Daily Bangladesh/Sohug

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