Gangetic dolphin caught in Dharla ...

Dhaka, Thursday   24 September 2020

Gangetic dolphin caught in Dharla 

 Kurigram Correspondent

 Published: 09:41 AM, 19 July 2020   Updated: 09:41 AM, 19 July 2020

Photo: Daily Bangladesh

Photo: Daily Bangladesh

A critically endangered species of dolphin, which is also known as Gangetic dolphin or popularly known as shushuk, has been caught in the fishing net a youth in Dharla river at Phulbari upazila of Kurigram on Saturday afternoon.

The captured dolphin weighs about five mounds and is eight feet long. However, it did not live long and various Kabirajs (herbal medicine practitioner) bargained to buy the dead dolphin.

The Dolphin has been watched over by keeping awake in the whole night to sell at higher prices while the crowds of people eager to take a look. 

Belal, who caught the Dolphin, said that in the afternoon he went fishing in Dharla river half a kilometer away from his house with a fishing net. He saw a fish on the bank of the river and threw the net. After a while he thought of a big fish and shouted. At this time the locals came and picked up the net. He later confirmed that it was a dolphin, however, the dolphin's teeth got stuck in the net and became weak.

"My net was torn when the dolphin was caught," Belal said. “It has caused loss of tk five thousand. So, I woke up at night with my father in the hope of selling it as its oil price is much higher. In the meantime, some Kabirajs want to buy for tk seven-eight thousand but I want to sell it for tk 15-20 thousand.” 

In this regard, Mahmudunnabi Mithu, former fisheries officer of Fulbari Upazila, said, “The arrival of such dolphins takes place where the rate of fish is high. Since the dolphin was caught in the Dharla river, the fish has undoubtedly grown here. Which is good news for the region.” 

“Dolphin skin is valuable and it is exported. In addition, the oil has many merits. That's why dolphins are sold at a higher price,” he said.