Fuel stealing from moving train in Natore...

Dhaka, Sunday   26 September 2021

Abdulpur Junction

Fuel stealing from moving train in Natore

 MM Ariful Islam, Natore daily-bangladesh.com

 Published: 06:05 PM, 21 October 2019   Updated: 02:43 PM, 12 November 2019



The scene of stealing fuel from the train is very common around the Abdulpur Railway Junction in Lalpur, Natore. The diesel fuel is dropped from the train through a large packet. Many times they stopped the train and took the oil out of the tank.

Police can’t stop the cycle of fuel thieves. Though members of the law enforcers raided the area and arrested some members of the gang occasionally, they can’t stop it completely. After being arrested, members of the thieves circle resumed this work after being released on bail from the court.

Thus, the railway department is constantly being damaged due to these. Locals feel that a quick step is necessary to make the railway sector profitable.

Some members of the fuel thief cycle, who are reluctant to disclose the identity, informed that they stole diesel fuel from the train and sold it in various places. They are doing this by managing different classes of people. They have been involved in this sort of activity for almost two years.

One acknowledged the sale of railway fuel and said that after stealing, they sold it in different stores. Train drivers helped them in this scheme. He was arrested before for stealing fuel. He is still doing the same business. Apart from members of the administration, railway officials are involved.

They sell the stolen fuel of the railway at various shops at a rate of Tk 40 to 45 per liter.

Local residents Abdul Quader and Sajib Rahman said that members of the fuel thief cycle have been arrested by police even before at various times. But every time they came out and started stealing fuel again.

Natore RAB-5 ASP Rajibul Ahsan said that members of the fuel thief cycle were being arrested through their drive. Regular raids were conducted to apprehend members of the railway’s fuel cycle. Several people were also arrested in the drive. They will continue their campaign to protect national wealth.