Alexa Frequent accident occurs on unprotected overbridge

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Frequent accident occurs on unprotected overbridge

 Rajbari Correspondent

 Published: 04:19 PM, 29 November 2018   Updated: 04:19 PM, 29 November 2018

Photo: Daily Bangladesh

Photo: Daily Bangladesh

The railway overbridge of Rajbari’s Railgate is the most populous and busy overbridge that has been broken down for a long time. Accidents occur frequently when getting down.

Shop owner Golam Mustafa said, “I have been shopping here since my childhood. I often do business on the overbridge. Sometimes, I sit under the overbridge. But I do not have any problem in movement. If anyone complains, then I move away from the spot.”

According to the observation, the passenger train traveled daily by six pairs and two to three pairs of freight trains in Rajbari’s one number railway gate area. Besides, during the time of changing the train engine and stunting, the crossing is also used. For this reason, the overbridge is more used. 

Overbridge is located about 100 meters east from Rajbari railway station. There are two entry gates of the main market of Rajbari. The overbridge is broken after a few steps of the lower stairs and the decks are shaky.  

Abdul Aziz of Beradanga said, “Some days ago, a freight car was going on in the afternoon. During this, I was crossing overbridge. But I did not know that the stairs were broken. When getting down, my friend fell down. He hurt his legs in that accident. Later, I found out that this kind of accidents happens occasionally here. The rail authorities and public representatives should take initiative in this regard.”

Rajbari Government College student Shariful Islam said, “Many people did not use overbridge before. But now many people are aware of this. But many stairs of the overbridge were broken down for a long time, many were victims of accidents.”

Avijit Shom of the city’s Boropul said, “For a long time the stairs are in broken condition. Many people use overbridge. But due to the breaking of stairs, many are crossing the road with risky. Some are standing. But the cargo actually takes more time to cross as there are many compartments.”

No one use overbridge in the night because the stairs are broken. As a result, the overbridge becomes the heaven place for anti-social workers, including drug addicts.

Bangladesh Railway Deputy Assistant Engineer (Bridge) Md. Hasan Ali confirmed the authenticity of the incident.