France bans hijab for minors...

Dhaka, Monday   17 May 2021

France bans hijab for minors

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 Published: 01:25 PM, 12 April 2021   Updated: 03:17 PM, 12 April 2021



France’s Senate has passed a bill barring minors or women under the age of 18 from wearing the hijab in public. Since then, harsh criticism has stormed in the country. The hashtag “#HandsofMyHijab” has also been circulated on social media.

The French government says the anti-separatist law is aimed at boosting the “country’s secular system”. But critics say the French government is targeting the country’s Muslim minority.

The scarf that Muslim women usually use to cover their heads is called the hijab. In France, however, it has been the subject of controversy for decades. The Senate recently took such a step as part of the French government’s so-called “anti-separatist act”.

The Senate approved an amendment to the bill proposed on March 30, saying: “People under the age of 18 will not be allowed to wear any religious symbols in public and any clothes that will make their position shorter than men.” 

This bill has not yet become effective. This will pass after the necessary changes by the National Assembly of France before it becomes an act. However, such an amendment has been severely criticized. 

Many have called the act “anti-Islamic”. They commented that the Muslim minority is being sidelined through this.