Forgive your Ex to overcome bitter experience of the past...

Dhaka, Thursday   02 December 2021

Forgive an Ex Day

Forgive your Ex to overcome bitter experience of the past

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 Published: 04:27 PM, 17 October 2021   Updated: 04:27 PM, 17 October 2021



Today is the best day for those who are looking for an opportunity to forgive their ex! Because the day (October 17) is Forgive an Ex Day. This unique day is being observed from 2018. So, use the day without delay.

A relationship is being built from the love of two people, however, with time, that relationship may break for various reasons that lead to a mental breakdown.   

Sometimes people think that the person who breaks their heart is happy with another person or with their life, however, their feelings towards their ex may still haunt them.

A relationship that breaks up usually turns to anger, sulks or bitterness – this feeling became like “holding a solid stone” on the chest. So, it is better to forgive the ex-lover unconditionally! There is hardly an easier way to forget the unbearable past.

However, it is not possible to be happy in the present by keeping the memories of the past in one’s heart. What do you do if you still have feelings for your ex? Tell someone you trust that you have memories of hardships, emotions, joys, and sorrows with your loved one. You will see that the hardships frozen in the heart will be lightened little by little. And lastly, if there is anything to forgive, say, “I forgive you”.