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Foods responsible for boneloss

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 Published: 03:20 PM, 11 January 2019   Updated: 03:20 PM, 11 January 2019

Daily Bangladesh Desk

Daily Bangladesh Desk

There are many problems with bone in the body. Especially women suffer from boneloss. The problem starts from the middle age. The pain of the knee, the Waist Pain,  I cannot get up, I cannot sit, there are problems like this. This type of disease is known as osteocloxis. These diseases can be due to several foods. Know about some of these foods-

Many people ate extra salt. Due to excessive consumption of salt, boneloss is one of the main reasons. Salt means sodium chloride; when it is high in the body it absorbs calcium. Thereby causing boneloss. So salt is a special cause of excess bone loss. Not only with rice, but also in the fast food, salad or buttermilk, there should not be too much salt.

Everyone likes to eat soft drinks or cold drinks. But you know what? Cold drinks contain phosphoric acid; which causes calcium expulsion from the body through natural activity. Thereby causing boneloss. That's why they should not eat excessive cold drinks.

Many people wake up in the morning to drink tea or coffee! One cup or two cup tea and coffee can eat. When eating tea or coffee in an increased quantity, the caffeine contained in it causes the bone decay.

There are many people who eat meat every day. Excessive meat increases protein quantity in the body. As a result, calcium cannot function properly. Therefore, calcium deficiency occurs in the body. This results in boneloss. Regardless of the good food, eat at moderate levels. Therefore, eating these meals at a moderate level can avoid boneloss. Green tea should not take more than three cups a day too.