Alexa Flower blooms with Azan

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Flower blooms with Azan

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 Published: 05:29 PM, 1 December 2019   Updated: 05:33 PM, 1 December 2019

Photo: Collected

Photo: Collected

Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar. When the words of Azan are uttered in the harmonious voice of Muazzin, a flower blooms in the rhythm with it.

The sound of Azan awakens the flowers for prayer. The petals are also bloomed with the sound of each verse of Azan.

The strange flower blossoms immediately during every Azan of Fajr, Zohar, Asar, Maghrib, and Esha. And that's why the flower is named Azan flower.

This strange flower is found in Mohammad Rahim's garden in a Muslim village in Azerbaijan. This flower blossoms five times a day during Azan, and then goes silent when the azan is finished.

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Meanwhile, many know these flowers as 'Evening Primrose' or 'Suncaps' or 'Sundrops'. In this species, it is a yellow-colored flower. The origin of this flower is thought to be in America. Scientists say it is a species of herbaceous plants.

Researchers have also experimented with other songs or some other tune like Azan, but this flower did not grow. This flower bloom is the supreme glory of Allah. Subhan ALLAH!