Flood situation worsens in Jamalpur...

Dhaka, Sunday   09 August 2020

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Flood situation worsens in Jamalpur

 Deloar Hossain, Jamalpur daily-bangladesh.com

 Published: 05:20 PM, 15 July 2020  

Flood situation worsens in Jamalpur

Flood situation worsens in Jamalpur

The flood situation in Jamalpur worsened further as the Jamuna River was flowing 126cm above the danger mark at Bahadurabad Ghat point in Dewanganj upazila as of this noon. Bangladesh Water Development Board (BWDB) Jamalpur Executive Engineer Abu Saeed and water meter gauge reader Abdul Mannan confirmed the matter.

Meanwhile, new areas in the char areas of Sarishabari, Islampur, Madarganj, Melandah, Dewanganj, Bakshiganj, and Jamalpur Sadar of the district are being flooded as the water level continues to rise. Roads are being submerged in water. Somewhere the water is breaking the road and communication is being cut off.

UNO Aminul Islam said water is entering into 10 villages at high speed as 50 meters of Mahishbathan-Mahmudpur flood control dam damaged in Madarganj Upazila. Transportation of CNGs, trucks, and buses have stopped on Dewanganj-Taratia-Sanandabari road due to floodwaters. Besides, the road from Kaunyarchar to Joanerchar in Dandhara UP has been cut off. 

People are suffering much as Haruabari Adarshapara Main Road, south side of Sanandabari Bazar, south side of Jinjiram Bridge, north side of Mitali Bazar, south side of Jhalorachar Bazar and other roads of Dewanganj Upazila have been submerged. Several government offices including Dewanganj Upazila Parishad and land office have been declared closed due to waterlogging. Buyers and traders are suffering due to floodwaters in different markets. All in all, the residents of the Dewanganj municipal area and 8 No. UP are suffering a lot. A barricade has broken in wards 9 and 6 of Kumarpara in Aona UP of Sarishabari. As a result, the people of the area have become waterlogged.

Meanwhile, the railway authorities have announced the closure of trains at Dewanganj Bazar railway station due to floodwaters. However, two Teesta-Brahmaputra Express trains have been diverted to Islampur. Acting station master of Jamalpur railway station Sheikh Ujjwal Mahmud and Dewanganj Bazar station master Abdul Baten confirmed the matter.

They said the train will come to Islampur and will leave for Dhaka from Islampur station. They also said that if the water level continues to rise, the train will return to Dhaka from Jamalpur. On the other hand, the paved road near Mandal Bazar of Chikajani Union of Dewanganj Upazila is being washed away by the river. Dewanganj, Islampur, Madarganj, Melandah, Sarishabari, Baksiganj and Jamalpur Sadar of the district have been submerged in floodwaters in about 40 out of 68 UPs of the seven upazilas. As a result, about 5 lakh people have been living underwater.

Meanwhile, the people of Sapdhuri, Belgachha, Chinaduli, Kulkandi and Jamuna Dwip Char of Islampur Upazila have not been able to take their rice and even their livestock to a safe place due to lack of boats, said Belgachha UP Chairman Abdul Malek.

The flood-affected areas are Chukaibari, Chikajani, Bahadunabad, Char Amkhawa, Dewanganj Sadar UP and Dewanganj Municipality, Partharshi Kulkandi of Islampur Upazila, Belgachha, Chinaduli, Noarpara, Islampur Sadar, Palbandai Goalari, Charbandai Goalpari, Charbandai Golami. Municipality. Melandah Upazila, Kulia, Durmuth, Mahmudpur, Shampur, Nangla, Adra, Fulkocha, Jhaugara and Ghosherpara Unions. Gunaritala Jorkhali, Balijuri and Char Pakerdaha Unions of Madarganj Upazila, Pingna, Aona, Pogaldigha, Satpoya and Kamrabad of Sarishabari upazila, Bhatar union, Sadurpara, Merurchar, Bagarchar Union of Bakshiganj Upazila, Laxmirchar, Tulsirchar, Mesta, Kenduar of Jamalpur Sadar Upazila have been submerged in partial floodwaters. 

Cattle, ducks, and chickens, including people affected by the floods, have become waterlogged. The flood-hit people in these areas have taken shelter in various educational institutions. The flood-hit people are in dire need of dry food and clean water and rice. 

Meanwhile, about 13 people have so far died in the ongoing floods in Jamalpur district. District Relief and Rehabilitation Officer Naib Ali said 310 metric tonnes of rice, Tk 1,050,000, and 4,000 packets of dry food have already been distributed in the entire district for the flood victims. There is more relief that will be allocated according to demand.

Jamalpur Civil Surgeon Pranoy Kanti Das said so far 80 medical teams have been formed in the flood-hit areas. Meanwhile, the Dewanganj Health Complex is currently closed due to flood water. He also said that water has flooded 3 more community clinics in Dewanganj.

Mohammad Abu Saeed, the executive engineer of the Jamalpur Water Development Board, said the water level in the Jamuna River would continue to rise and the floods were expected to last for two to three weeks.