Five new signs of coronavirus infection found!...

Dhaka, Wednesday   03 June 2020

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Five new signs of coronavirus infection found!

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 Published: 12:59 PM, 3 April 2020   Updated: 12:59 PM, 3 April 2020



Thousands of people are losing their lives every day in Coronavirus. The number of victims has exceeded 1 million. However, the good news is that 2 lakh 12 thousand 991 people have returned home after successful treatment. So experts advise to rise do awareness instead of being panicked. 

Of course, you know that if you suffer from coronavirus, you will experience colds, coughs, fever and shortness of breath. However, new symptoms are now appearing in the coronavirus infection. Experts say - new symptoms like diarrhea, losing olfactory power, nausea, vomiting a zero taste of food, eyes being pink are the new symptoms. It has been shown that though symptoms like cold, cough, and fever are not present. Therefore, if any of these symptoms occur, seek medical advice.

Multiple coronavirus patients have begun to be admitted to different parts of the world with symptoms of loss of taste and , losing olfactory power. This symptom is seen in most coronavirus patients, especially in the United States. The number of coronavirus patients is increasing in the United States every day.

Loss of digestion is another important symptom of coronavirus. Due to which diarrhea symptoms appear in the victims. As a result, the body falls in to severe water deficiency.

The symptoms of coronavirus disease were more common in Wuhan province, China. Among the symptoms that coronavirus infected patients are experiencing in different countries, diarrhea is common seen in almost every country, researchers say.

Another important symptom of coronavirus infection is pink eye. However, these symptoms are rarely seen in the patient's body. One to three percent of coronavirus patients have a tendency to turn pink eyes. There are also things happening with eyes swelling.

Coronavirus sufferers are again experiencing headaches like a common cold cough. Therefore, it is not possible to distinguish many times. As a result, the physicians said if any other symptoms occur with colds, coughs, fever, get a blood test immediately and seek medical advice. With this headache, there is a strange discomfort is identified in the body for coronavirus infected patients.