Five factors to regulate win-loss

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Five factors to regulate win-loss

 Shamsul Haque Bhuiyan, Gazipur Daily-Bangladesh

 Published: 07:04 PM, 26 April 2018  

Pic: Daily Bangladesh

Pic: Daily Bangladesh

Gazipur City Corporation is expected to attract new voters in upcoming elections as the mayor-councillor candidates will be the controllers of win-loss. These are the issues of young students, women-workers votes and regionalism and public welfare.

It is known that the city`s voters, political observers and communicators are talking to society. The local voters feel that the fate of candidates will be decided by the new voters` votes.

According to the sources of the returning officer`s office, 11 lakh 37 thousand 736 people will be voted in the forthcoming city corporation elections. Of these, 5 lakh 67801 women and 5 lakh 69935 of the male voters. There are 2134 women`s voters in the distance between male voters. In the 2013 election, there were 28686 people between the male and female voters. After 2013, the number of voters increased up to 1 million 10 thousand 798 people. All voters are young students and garment workers. About three lakh workers in total voters. Tongi and Joydevpur divide into two areas. Almost all the roads in 57 wards have bad roads. There are also water logging and public wages.

Awami League candidate Jahangir Alam`s preparation for the support of young voters is a long time. He gave scholarships to 23 thousand students through his own name, Jahangir Alam Education Foundation. The foundation is underway in 57 wards of Gazipur City. Besides, the BCL leaders and activists of the public and private colleges of the city revived the electoral process. The BCL activists said that the BCL will soon be fielding to attract young voters.

Runa Laila, a resident of Tongi`s Himardighi area, said that once women would vote according to the decision of the dependent on male or family. Now the days have changed. Women have been educated and self-reliant. Women are much more aware now. Not only the symbol, the students` education, honesty, goodwill and their gestures have the advantages of women, they will decide to vote.

A garment worker in Chandna Chowrasta area said that the situation in the area is very bad. Water and gas issues and home rentals are increased day by day. There is also the oppression of extortionists. The workers will choose the mayor by their qualification to work for people.

Fahmida Akter of Tongi Government College said that she will vote for the first time. She will vote for a mayoral candidate who is more qualified, matchable and working. According to her, it is necessary to vote for someone who thinks about the safety, rights and benefits of women.

BNP candidate Hasan Uddin Sarkar`s residence in the Tongi region. On the other hand, the Awami League candidate Jahangir Alam`s residence in Joydevpur area. However, since the party symbol is being elected by Mayor, the winner will be based on the party or the symbol.

To the capital, people of Gazipur are very aware. They are not regionalism, it is like saying that political or party loyalty will be preferred in voting.

Metropolitan Awami League joint secretary Motiur Rahman Moti said Awami League mayor candidate Jahangir Alam himself is the director of several factories. Besides, he has a relationship with the workers for business reasons. He knows all the problems of the workers. If elected, he will solve all problems. For this, the workers will vote for him.

Shawkat Hossain Sarker, a resident of Kashimpur area and former chairman of Kashimpur Union, said that there are about 3 lakh workers in the 2,600-odd factories in Gazipur, which is about one-fourth of the total voters. They live in 57 wards of the city. 90 percent of these workers come from different areas of the country for work. The victory of the mayor will be depended by the votes of these workers.

Awami League mayor candidate Jahangir Alam said that he will change the fate of youths if he elected the mayor. It will be implemented by the master plan for the employment of unemployed youth in the city.

On the other hand, former mayor of BNP mayor Hassan Uddin Sarkar said that the youth will be prominent in his election manifesto. If he is elected, he will work to create a safe and fair working environment in the city. In order to ensure to educate young people to get work, there will be an effective role in it so that they do not engage in unkind practices.

Gazipur City Corporation has more than 30 private colleges including 5 public universities, three government colleges. Most of the new voters are students of these educational institutions.