Alexa Five disabled in ultra-poor family

Dhaka, Thursday   20 February 2020


Five disabled in ultra-poor family

 Ahmed Jamil, Sylhet Correspondent

 Published: 09:47 PM, 22 January 2020   Updated: 09:48 PM, 22 January 2020

Photo: DailyBangladesh

Photo: DailyBangladesh

An extreme poor widow named Alimun Nesa, who had lost her husband 10 years ago, has a 9-member family consisting of 5 daughters and 3 sons of them 5 are disable that result in leading an ultra-poor life for Nesa with her disabled children. The orphans are living miserable lives.

Alimun Nesa is the wife of Abdul Zalil in Sylhet's Bishwanath upazila. Although there are about 4,000 disabled people in this upazila, it is rare case that five members of a family are disabled.

It has been found that Hajera Begum (33), the eldest of the eight children of Alimun Nesa, is speech impaired. Another children Rubena (30), Abdul Aziz (28), Subena (26), Sabina (24) are intellectually and physically handicapped and one of the two physically well sons is studying at Degree College and another at a local Madrasa as well as the youngest daughter, Taslima, is an eight grade student.

Alimun Nesha said, “After the death of my husband, I have been straggling with my children, sometimes we eat and most of the time we are in starving. The first five children are physically disabled. With the help of people as well as getting disability allowance from the government I am somehow carrying on the family.  Sometimes I eat and sometimes I fast. There is nothing other than a house.”

She said that two-three years ago, the UNO, UP chairman came and paid Tk twenty thousand in cash. A CNG-driven auto rickshaw was promised by the Ministry of Social Welfare for the financial support of the disabled. But this has not been implemented in three years. I also went to the doors of the UP chairman and UP member but all my attempt went in vain.

Alimun Nesa's cousin Gias Uddin said that besides disability allowance, they need financial assistance more. Besides the government-private initiatives, the cooperation of the rich are also needed, he said.

Abdullah Al Jobair, Bishwanath upazila Social Welfare Officer, said that currently there is no provision for providing 100 percent disability allowance to any family. However, the Prime Minister has a promise to 100 percent allowance for the disable. If that happens then it will be possible to make allowances to all of the family.

SM Nunu Mia, Bishwanath Upazila Chairman, said that there are many disabled people in this upazila, I made some plans for them. However, five persons from the same family will be specially looked after as they are very needy.