Fitbit app to measure diabetes through smart watch...

Dhaka, Saturday   06 March 2021

Fitbit app to measure diabetes through smart watch

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 Published: 06:45 PM, 15 February 2021  

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Though the use of traditional watch has been declined in recent time, ‘smart watch’ gained huge popularity among the young generation and people of different ages. And these smart watches have also filled many technical demands.

In keep pace with the modern world, this time smart watches can be used to measure the level of diabetics or blood glucose.

American gadget maker Fitbit has introduced such a new feature for their app.

According to Fitbit, a new feature has been introduced so that users can easily track the amount of glucose in their blood. Reminders will also be given with the help of the app.

It is known that Fitbit Premium members will get additional benefits from the app. Within a certain period of time, they will get all the updates about the fluctuations and complete movement of blood glucose levels. And this whole work will be done through this new feature.

The popularity of smart watches has been growing rapidly for several years. As a result, the technology farm pointed it out and planned to add a new feature to it.