Alexa Fishers’ pleasure of repay dues

Dhaka, Friday   06 December 2019

Fishers’ pleasure of repay dues

 Abdul Malek, Borhanuddin (Bhola)

 Published: 04:43 PM, 21 September 2019  

Photo: DailyBangladesh

Photo: DailyBangladesh

Fishermen in Meghna rivers along the border and Tetulia area under Bhola are now passing busy time with joy of getting money to repay the dues of the whole year past. Huge quantity of Hilsa are being in the rivers recently. However, small hilshas are more likely to be caught than big hilsa. Fish ghats are getting crowded in the area.

The Mirzakalu Fish Ghat, which was built on the banks of the Meghna, has been spotted visiting the Didar Majhi Fish Ghat area, while trawler-boats are crowded. And the smiles of joy were blinking on the face of the fishermen. Silver hilshas are being sold. The four small hilsha are selling at Tk 200 to 300, the medium hilsha at Tk400 to Tk800, and the four big hilsha at Tk3 thousand to 4 thousand. However, the number of small hilshes is higher than that of the larger hilsa.

Alam Majhi, Shahabuddin Majhi, Jule Mijhi and Tetulia’s Abdur Rahman and Md. Kamal Majhi said, hilsha have been being caught in the net for some days. Insha’Allah will be able to pay our debt if the fish is caught in the net till the ban.

About this, Borhanuddin Senior Upazila Fisheries Officer AFM Nazmus Salehin said, “Now a large number of silver hilsha are being caught in the fishermen's net. This year, the production of hilsha has been increased, which brings benefits for the fishermen.