Fishermen catching shrimp minnows in River...

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Fishermen catching shrimp minnows in River

Insisted by influential`s loan

 Lakshmipur Correspondent

 Published: 03:46 PM, 23 May 2019   Updated: 03:47 PM, 23 May 2019

Photo: DailyBangladesh

Photo: DailyBangladesh

Fishermen in Lakshmipur are fishing shrimp minnows in the Meghna River violating the government prohibition. Millions carps of various species are being destroyed in this.

Fishermen are spoiling thousands of species of fish for collecting shrimp minnows. As a result, various species of fishes including lobster and prawn are facing threat of extinction as well as biodiversity is being destroyed in Meghna. The locals have alleged that the fishermen are catching shrimp minnows in public but the concerned authorities are not taking any action.

On 21st September 2000, a notification by the Ministry of Fisheries and Livelihood prohibited the fishing carps in the coastal areas of the country.

It is learnt that, violating the government prohibition fishing of shrimp minnow is running in the Meghna River’s Maju Chowdhury Ghat and Buriri Ghat area under Lakhsmipur Sadar, Matirhat, Matabbarhat, Saheberhat and Ludhua Ghat of Kamalnagar Upazila, various Ghat areas of Meghna River under Raipur upazila and across the wide range of Meghna revering areas under Gazaria of Ramgati upazila.

Due to the illegal carp collection, Geo-bags used for protecting river dams in Kamal Nagar area in the Lakshmipur are being damaged. And it may cause a severe dam collapse in this area.

It’s learnt that, giving loan money, few local influential pursuing the fishermen to catch those carps. Violating government's ban, shrimp minnows business is going on in public on the banks of the river. Allegations also found against the influential people that, they are helping to cross trucks of shrimp minnows in exchange for money at night.

Every lobster-shrimp minnow is sold at Tk 1-2 in the local market. Fishermen are becoming more enthusiastic for hunting carps getting advanced loans.

Carp hunter Ajmat Ali, Kala Mia and Moti Begum said that having no employment opportunity, being forced to catch prawn minnows for their living despite the ban.

Shrimp carp businessman Sharif, said that, after buying from the local fishermen at one taka per piece, they sell those minnows to the shrimp enclosure owners in different districts of Khulna.

District Fisheries Officer SM Mahib Ulaya said that they are running various activities, including drives and continuous campaign to stop shrimp hunters in Meghna shrimp sanctuary.