Alexa Fiscal favor in cattle bone-horns

Dhaka, Tuesday   22 October 2019


Fiscal favor in cattle bone-horns

 MS Rokun

 Published: 08:10 PM, 11 September 2019  

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Nothing is 'waste' in the world, everything has appropriateness, this proverb proved again as the usefulness of horns and bones of cows and buffaloes has come in light. The 'waste' bones-horns of the cows-buffaloes is now making a bright hope.

Delwar Hossain, a trader who came to buy bone at Konabari Bazar in Gazipur, said that his house is in Syedpur, Nilphamari. He has a factory there. Different kinds of things are made in the factory with the bones of cattle, especially the cows-buffaloes’ bones. These are also exported abroad. That's why “I came to buy bones-horns,” he said.

According to the bone trader, a company named Ago Resources Limited has been found in Syeddpur in Nilphamari. The company is making high-quality buttons, combs and various show-pieces from the horns and bones of the cows-buffaloes. These are also being exported abroad crossing the country's border.

Nazrul Islam, Managing Director (MD) of Ago Resources Limited told DailyBangladesh that many cows and buffaloes are being slaughtered in cities or villages across the country. The bones of these slaughtered cattle are immediately destroyed or thrown away. Now it's not a thing of doing waste.

He said they are collecting bones through the traders across the country, and make buttons, show-pieces, and combs which are being exported to different countries of the world including China, Australia, Hong Kong, and Germany.

Regarding this issue, Jahangir Alam, City Mayor of Gazipur, "I urge local and foreign investors to set up button and showpiece factories made of cow-buff bones in Gazipur. When the factory is set up, the bone collection system will be automated.” 

Mohiuddin Ahmed Mahin, Chairman of Bangladesh Finished Leather, Leather Goods and Footwear and Exports Association (BFLFEA), said that various materials could be made with cows-buffaloes bones in the industrial area of Gazipur. There will be discussions with everyone regarding setting up such a factory. That will be the possible news of bone after leather which is certainly good news for our country as well as the country economy.

Yet most of the cattle bones and horns of the country are being thrown away. This is a major reason why they could not sale these in the local market easily. If more companies like Agro-Resources would be set up in the country, these 'waste' will be marketable at the local level. Locally its market will also be established.

On the other hand, Storehouses will be opened in the same way as the openings for the collection of raw materials for other industries, where bone and horn suppliers can sell these as raw materials. Specifically, meat shopkeepers can save and sell these without leaving bones and horns. The overall market for these obsolete products will expand. In that case, initial government sponsorship is very important.