Fight with Tiger!

Dhaka, Sunday   05 April 2020


Fight with Tiger!

 International Desk Daily-Bangladesh

 Published: 09:23 PM, 24 April 2018  



Kashinath was caught fish in the adjacent area of Sundarbans in the forest near Benifili Jungle. A young man and his companions were with him. At that time suddenly a tiger leapt from the jungle and attacked Kashinath.

On Monday evening, he was attacked by a tiger. Kashinath`s companions rescued him after fighting the tiger on the spot. Kashinath Singh`s house (42) at Gopalganj village under Kultali police station.

The injured Kashinath was immediately taken to the hospital. But then he fell into the lap of death. On Tuesday morning, when the body of Kashinath brought home by his companions, the mourning has come down in the region.

Along with Tiger`s attack on Kashinath, his companions jumped on the Tiger with rods and iron rods. After a long struggle with the tiger, the companions finally rescued Kashinath in a bloody condition. 

Source: Ebela