Fight against corruption will continue: PM

Dhaka, Tuesday   18 June 2019

Fight against corruption will continue: PM

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 Published: 10:23 PM, 13 January 2019   Updated: 10:23 PM, 13 January 2019

Daily Bangladesh Desk

Daily Bangladesh Desk

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has issued a strong warning against corruption on the first working day of the new government.

She said, “The government has declared zero tolerance policy against corruption. Anti-corruption fight will continue to keep the country’s development and uphold its achievement.”

She also announced to keep the government’s firm steps against corruption as well as to eliminate terrorism and drug addiction.

After being sworn as the Prime Minister for the fourth time, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina exchanged views with senior officials on the first working day of the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) office on Sunday.

During this time, she said, “Even though no country can remove 100 percent corruption, but the government’s main duty is to prevent corruption. So that it cannot hinder the development of the country and does not fade away all our successes.” 

Referring to the war on terrorism, corruption and drug eradication, the Prime Minister said, “The incident of hijacking tender happened repeatedly in the country. But we were able to free the country from this situation. This success has been achieved through technology and it is a good result of digital Bangladesh.”

The Prime Minister urged the government officials to work hard for the development of the country and said that all the officers and employees of the country should work hard so that the people can enjoy its benefits for the welfare of the people. “We want to make the country a developed and potential nation. We have already been recognized as developing countries. We must try to hold this.”

Sheikh Hasina thanked the government officials and employees for their cooperation all the time and said that they want to complete all development works in collaboration with the government officials and employees so that the country can go further.

She also said that the country wants to achieve its own capabilities in all areas. Bangladesh is also trying to maintain peace with the world. “We will not be dependent on others. We want to stand on our own feet.”

The Prime Minister said that everyone should be cautious against the country’s opposition to anti-liberation forces. “We want that those who come to power in the country will hold the spirit of great liberation war and take development forward.”

Referring the country’s widespread development, she said that the world sees our country with respect. But once Bangladesh was known as a country of drought, famine, flood. That would have troubled us. And we do not want to tolerate it. “From that time I thought and would not allow anyone to make the country underrate. The country has liberated through the great liberation war and I want to keep my head lifted all the time.” 

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said that even the Pakistani people see our huge development, they want to see their country transformed like Bangladesh and there cannot be a moment of joy of happiness.

Sheikh Hasina instructed the government officials to complete the ongoing projects with speed and said that she will start inspection of ministries soon after the previous tenure.

The Prime Minister reiterated her goal of making Bangladesh a middle-income country between 2021 and a prosperous country by 2041. Sheikh Hasina instructed the officials to take preparations for the ‘Mujib Year’ celebration through extensive sentiment in 2020-2021 and conduct a comprehensive campaign on this subject.

PM’s Security Adviser Major General (retd) Tarique Ahmed Siddiq, Chief of Army Staff General Aziz Ahmed, Chief of Naval Staff Admiral M Nizamuddin Ahmad, Chief of Air Staff Air Chief Marshal Masihuzzaman Serniabat were present, while Principal Staff Officer (PSO) of the Armed Forces Division (AFD) Lt Gen Md Mahfuzur Rahman moderated the function.

Earlier, Prime Minister’s Principal Secretary, Military Secretary, Press Secretary, Advisor and officials of various departments of PMO Office, Director General of SSF and other directors greeted the Prime Minister with a bouquet of flowers.