Fenceless Rangpur railway station...

Dhaka, Sunday   26 September 2021

Fenceless Rangpur railway station

 Sajjad Hossain Bappi, Rangpur  daily-bangladesh.com

 Published: 12:56 PM, 13 November 2019   Updated: 07:49 PM, 22 June 2020

Photo: Daily Bangladesh

Photo: Daily Bangladesh

The Rangpur Divisional Railway Station has become a safe haven for the wicked depredation, pickpocketers, snatchers, drug dealers and black ticket marketers. Discourteous behavior, theft and robbery of the passengers are the daily occurrences. Due to the absence of a boundary wall, the Rangpur railway station is unsafe for outsiders.

Laily Begum, who was standing on the platform no. 1, said she was a senior teacher at a government primary school. She has to go to school every day. Rail travel is safe and transportation costs low. So she feels comfortable by the train journey. “But the railway station is completely unsafe with the depredation of black market ticket sellers.”

She said that the wicked persons are treating the passengers with disrespect ‘especially with women and girls’. Railway police cannot be seen. “There is no benefit by complaining.”

Another passenger, named Salam Talukder, said he has to travel to different places for business purposes. His first choice is to train travel. But the train was delayed in coming to the stations. There are even no restrooms. Besides, there is no such advanced restaurant system for anyone to eat.  

According to Rangpur Railway Station sources, there are 15 trains are communicating daily in this station. Of these, eight trains run up and seven run down. About 5,000 passengers use this station daily to reach their destination.  

The railway station is very important due to its location in the city. But many travelers at this station complained about the depredation of outsiders.

Photo: Daily Bangladesh

ASI Mashiur Rahman, head of the security team at Rangpur Railway Station, said the total members of their squad were five. But it is really difficult to provide rail protection with such short manpower. They need at least five more members. “The outsiders entered the station and caused unwanted events and safely escaped,” he said.

Meanwhile, while inspecting the railway stations of Badarganj, Shyampur, Pirgachha and Kaunia, it is found that railway authorities have no safeguards at any station except Kaunia. 

However, Railway Minister Nurul Islam Sujan visited the Rangpur Railway Station and announced that the Rangpur Railway Station would be constructed as a modern station and assured to solve all the problems.

Rafiq Sarkar, general secretary of the Rangpur Press Club, said the government has taken extensive programs for railway reforms. But the pace of rail reform in the region is slow. “The condition of the railway has been very bad for a long time. Therefore, more attention is needed for Railway development,” he added.