Fear in bamboo bridge ...

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Fear in bamboo bridge 

 Chatmohar (Pabna) Correspondent  daily-bangladesh.com

 Published: 03:33 PM, 26 April 2019  

Photo: Daily Bangladesh

Photo: Daily Bangladesh

“Boats are the only hope in the rainy season. And bamboo bridge in the rainy season. We are afraid to cross the river on this huge bamboo bridge. We are in constant fear while crossing it. Parents are also afraid to send us to school. Earlier, many students were injured by falling from the bridge,”- the words are said by Nupur and Masuma. Both of them are in Dhankuniya Girls High School. Nupur Khatun is the student of 9th-grade and Masuma Khatun is the student of 10th-grade. 

During the dry season, the bamboo bridge is mainly used on the Gumani River at Dhankuniya village in Chatmohar upazila of Pabna. And 40,000 people from 12 villages are involved in this woe. As there are no other bridges, people have to depend on this bamboo bridge. Thousands of people are crossing every day crossing the bridge with risk. Not only that, teachers and students, from sick patients to people from the area are suffering.

It is seen that Dhankuniya Government High School, Dhankuniya Girls High School, Abdus Sattar Pre-Cadet Kindergarten School, Ebar Uddin Ebtadiyee Madrasa, Al Madinatun Ulum Hafizia Madrasa, and a Community Clinic is situated in the back side of the bridge. 

And in the front side of the bridge, 40,000 people of about 12 villages including Binyabari, Gouranagar, Karimpur, Baharampur, Chinavatkur, Banmali, Dharamgacha, Bardanagar, Langalmara, Charanbeen villages are situated. They travel through the bridge with risky. 

Apart from the two, no vehicles can enter the majority of villages. Faridas have to sell at low prices to the Fariyas sitting at home without being able to take proper grains in the market because they are a major agricultural area. As the Upazila agricultural based, farmers cannot go to the hat-bazar in time, so they have to sell their goods to the customers by staying in the house. As a result, they are facing financial losses. 

Besides, if a person becomes sick, the relatives are also suffering to take him/her to the hospital due to the bridge. Though people of the area are demanding a bridge for a long time, they cannot get any benefit. 

Abdul Sardar of Binabari village, Firoz Uddin of Dhankuniya village said that they feared to send their children to school. Cannot take the goods in the market in time. “If someone is sick, we cannot take them to the hospital. We built this bamboo bridge with our money. Although suffering for a long time, no one came to monitor.” 

Nimaichara UP Chairman Kamruzzaman Khokan said that many people are crossing the bamboo bridge every day. It is very important to build a bridge there. A project has been provided to construct 100 meters of bridges.

UNO Sarkar Asim Kumar said, “The problem of the people  of the area will be resolved in quick time by contacting the ministry through the district administration.”