Alexa Fatima: The Wonder Lady!

Dhaka, Saturday   21 September 2019


Fatima: The Wonder Lady!

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 Published: 10:23 PM, 18 August 2019  

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File Photo

Fatima Kulsum Zohar Godabari the wife of Saudi Prince Sheikh Abde al-Mahmood gets the reorganization of the world’s most beautiful lady and the richest woman in the Muslim world from Malaysian Review.

The website reports that if she participates in the World Beauty Contest, she will receive the status of the world’s most beautiful lady. Her face is truly a miracle, an amazing creation of the Creator.

Fatima Kulsum is a former Saudi princess. She was born on 22th October 1986 in a hospital in Chennai, India. She has received an MBA degree.

According to OPEC, an alliance of oil-rich countries, she is one of the best oil sellers in the world. She also occupied the place of the richest women in the Muslim world.

International media say Fatima has also been working with several charities recently. She is also very concern in the issue of women, especially in Saudi Arabia.