Father of cut-copy-paste dies

Dhaka, Thursday   09 April 2020


Father of cut-copy-paste dies

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 Published: 12:27 PM, 20 February 2020  

Larry Tesler

Larry Tesler

Computer scientist Larry Tesler, the inventor of cut, copy and paste, has died at 74.

He has died on last Monday after a long time on the bed under treatment. Meanwhile, Larry's last employer Xerox has long mourned at his death.

Larry had started his career in Silicon Valley when the computer was not very popular in the sixties. Although he couldn’t be as famous as Steve Jobs or Bill Gates, Larry is well-known as one of the pioneers in the introduction of a friendly computer system.

Respecting Larry, Xerox said thanks to his revolutionary thinking that made your job easier. While working at tech companies, he has always tried to invent simple methods for the user. Likewise, 'cut', 'copy', paste 'command. With the help of these three commands, one task can be repeatedly used on the computer.

Born in New York in November 1945, Larry's had completed his graduation at Stanford University in California. He then took a course in user interface designing developing a user-friendly computer system.