Facebook ‘Avatar’ now the cause of annoyance...

Dhaka, Thursday   29 October 2020

Facebook ‘Avatar’ now the cause of annoyance

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 Published: 06:34 PM, 16 September 2020  

Facebook newsfeed filled with ‘Avatar’

Facebook newsfeed filled with ‘Avatar’

Social media Facebook is trembling with the ‘Avatar’ trend. Like all the other countries in the world, the users of Bangladesh are also following this trend. 

Facebook newsfeed filled with ‘Avatar’ from Tuesday morning where everyone becomes busy to turn themselves into animated pictures. The users have been following this trend all day long.

It is learned that the first ‘Avatar’ feature was released in May for users in the United States and Canada. Facebook unveiled the feature in South Asia in September. Then the feature went viral.

According to tech experts, this is a new entertainment medium for Facebook where there is no risk of ‘leaking’ personal information. However, many people are becoming annoyed by such a trend.

Many say that “people are making everything a trend and taking it to an annoying level – ‘Avatar’ is one of them.”

“Now people are not controlling the trend, the trend is controlling the people,” said the tech experts.

This is how many are expressing annoyance on Facebook

However, many have given the opposite view and termed this trend an “innocent joke”. According to them, there is nothing to take it so seriously. 

Many have requested to see the trend with a simple eye. During the coronavirus period, people have come up with a lot of things from house-at-stuck. Avatar is one such issue. These are nothing but fun.

About this, Abdullah Al Jaber Hridoy, the director of Cyber-71, said that this Avatar is a feature of Facebook which has been launched recently. It is quite safe. “So far it has nothing to do with data theft,” he added.