Alexa FaceApp occupies 15 crore subscribers’ gallery!

Dhaka, Monday   19 August 2019


FaceApp occupies 15 crore subscribers’ gallery!

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 Published: 12:12 PM, 19 July 2019  

Daily Bangladesh Desk

Daily Bangladesh Desk

Millions of subscribers are using a Russian face photo editing software named FaaceApp without hesitation, seeking to know how to look yourself after 30-40 years millions of subscribers use’ Faceapp’. But whether it is threatening their privacy while using it, many people have no headache for it.

According to the App Annie, more than 100 million people have already downloaded the ‘Faceapp’ from the Google Play Store. Besides, this Russian Wireless Lab created app is also at the top of the IOS App Store among 121 countries.

A recent report published in the popular US magazine Forbes, shows according to the Faceapp conditions, they collect various information on the device including user's IP address, browser cookies, log files, location. Besides while downloading the app, the company gets complete ownership of the photo for a lifetime.

They can use this photo wherever they are happy. Even, the matter will not need to inform the original owner of the photo. In return, the customer cannot claim any kind of payment.

However, the biggest allegation against Faceapp is when using the app, the company wants access to the entire gallery of the customer's phone. Security analysts believe that these images are stored on their own servers.

Rob La Gesse, former manager of online database-based company Rackspace, said, ‘to use Faceapp, it has to be allowed to touch all the photos on the phone. The app also collects online search related information including the phone system. Moreover, the app has the ability to work in the background. That means, even if you do not use the phone, Faceapp will use you.

The present era is called the age of data analysis. Personal information has become more valuable than money and gold. It is possible to know, through collecting small information about someone, someone’s movements, mind-mentality, past-present. And in the market this information is much valuable. Different organizations create personalized ads based on these information, with which the person can easily be influenced.