FB #CoupleChallenge may cause trouble ...

Dhaka, Wednesday   28 October 2020

FB #CoupleChallenge may cause trouble 

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 Published: 04:07 PM, 28 September 2020  

Representational Photo

Representational Photo

Facebook has a new trend #CoupleChallenge. Many are posting photos with their partners using this hashtag. However, such a way Facebook users may inadvertently bringing their own danger, fears cyber experts.

According to experts, a large number of people are posting photos with their partners using this hashtag “#CoupleChallenge”. Basically, cybercriminals can use those photos for various evil purposes.

Because if you post something in public through social media, anyone in the whole world can see it. If necessary, it is not impossible to download those photos and edit them, especially for pornographic websites and cybercriminal activities.

Cyber experts suggest refraining from taking on this challenge or post with caution. If necessary, go to settings and set the audience option to 'Friends'.