Extreme suffering for flood-hit Islampur people...

Dhaka, Sunday   27 September 2020

Extreme suffering for flood-hit Islampur people

 Abdus Samad, Islampur daily-bangladesh.com

 Published: 08:07 PM, 8 August 2020  

Extreme suffering for flood-hit Islampur people

Extreme suffering for flood-hit Islampur people

Most of the roads in Islampur upazila of Jamalpur have been damaged by the floodwaters.

As a result, people of 12 flood-hit UPs and one municipality, including Islampur Sadar, are in dire straits. In some areas, people are traveling by locally made bamboo bridges.

Visiting the site it can be seen that with the floodwaters receding in Islampur, the rubble of destroyed houses and roads is being visible.

Most of the roads in the upazila have been broken and communication has been cut off. Most of UP's communication system with Islampur Sadar has been cut off due to floods and landslides for a month and a half. 

Parthashi UP Chairman Iftekhar Alam Babul, Belgachha UP Chairman Abdul Malek, Chinaduli UP Chairman Abdus Salam said that many houses and roads have been damaged in the floods.

Gaibanda UP chairman Makshudur Rahman Ansari said various parts of the Islampur-Jhagrachar paved road were damaged. To keep the road running, he has filled the ground with bricks and stones with his own funds. The Tungrapara bridge was damaged and traffic was disrupted. 

He demanded the government to reduce the misery by repairing these roads as soon as possible. 

Alamin, Amina, and Shahidul, who were affected by the floods, said that many people's houses have been damaged due to floods. At present they have no work. So they are facing a financial crisis. So they do not know how to repair the house, where to take shelter.

They requested the government to reduce the suffering of the flood-affected people by repairing their houses and making them habitable as soon as possible. 

Rickshaw pullers Abdur Rahim, Ali Azgar, Saiful Islam and Sabed Ali said many roads were washed away by the floodwaters. We can't drive a rickshaw and we have to stay half-starved with their families. 

If the roads were repaired in a timely manner, they would be able to earn a living.

Solaiman of Ulia Bazar said it is very difficult to travel from Ulia to Islampur Upazila Sadar. They have to travel by boat, on foot or rickshaw. For this, they have to pay an additional Tk 30 with the actual fare of Tk 20. If someone falls ill, he cannot be taken to the hospital for treatment. 

Upazila Engineer Aminul Haque said about 90 km of paved roads in the upazila have been damaged due to floods and strong currents. Roads will be repaired when the floodwaters recede.