Exemption with financial benefit by SI...

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Exemption with financial benefit by SI

 Kaliganj (Gazipur) Correspondent  daily-bangladesh.com

 Published: 05:16 PM, 25 June 2019  

Photo: Daily Bangladesh

Photo: Daily Bangladesh

A day after the detention of drug trader Russell Dorjee and Kawsar in Gazipur’s Kaliganj, allegations are made about releasing them with financial benefits. In the meantime, there is also a complaint against SI Abdur Rahman that he sent Kawsar to court after suing him.  

On the other hand, there are also inconsistent accounts in yaba recovering. It is known that there is a village police (Chowkidar) involvement with the incident. On Tuesday morning, Kawsar’s visually impaired father Ayech Ali complained these to reporters. 

According to sources, on June 20 night, village police (Chowkidar) Borhan Sheikh detained- the drug trader Russell Dorjee son of Montaj Uddin Dorjee of upazila’s Kapaish village and rickshaw puller Kawsar, son of visually impaired beggar Ayech Ali of Potan village (Dakshin Para) of Upazila’s Moktarpur UP- with 50 yabas from Ward No 3 Choiladi village of Upazila’s Jamalpur UP.  

During that, Chowkidar Borhan released drug trader Russell after taking financial benefits from him. Money was sent to Borhan on the next day (June 21). In the meantime, when the matter is known, Jamalpur UP Chairman Mahbubur Rahman Faruk informed the police station. 

Later, SI Abdur Rahman visits the spot and conducted a drive with village police (Chowkidar) Borhan and again detained Russell and Kawsar and taken to the police station. But on June 22, the SI filed a drug case (no. 23) against only Kawsar- exempt Russell- by showing 44 yabas with the police station. 

“Russel and Kawsar were taken from the police station to Gazipur, but Russel was released on the way to Kapasia Road. However, SI Abdur Rahman took the financial benefits of fat money from the drug trader Russell’s people. And Chowkidar Borhan has been made witness,” said Jamalpur UP Chairman Mahbubur Rahman Faruq Master, quoting as accused Kawsar’s father Ayech Ali. 

Later, while asking Chowkidar Borhan about the incident over phone, he admitted of detaining 50 yabas, but refused to accept financial benefits from the drug trader and cut off the phone line and switched it off. 

When asking SI Abdur Rahman, he admitted the detention of both of them. However, Russell was released on the orders of OC for not getting any yaba from him and Kawsar was sent to the court after case, and “in 50 yabas, 6 yabas were broken, so 44 yabas were mentioned in the case,” said the SI 

However, regarding the exempt of drug trader with financial benefits, he said, “All cannot be said over the phone. Visit the police station after evening and then we will talk about this.”

Kaliganj police OC Abubakar Mia said that he does not know the matter of drug trader Russell. “Kawsar was sent to Gazipur court as he was detained with yabas,” he added.