Excessive use of Facebook is comparable to drug addiction...

Dhaka, Sunday   20 September 2020

Excessive use of Facebook is comparable to drug addiction

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 Published: 09:07 AM, 24 July 2020  

Photo: Collected

Photo: Collected

Facebook has become a part of our lives nowadays while many people start their morning with using Facebook. Social media has both positive and negative aspects. Especially Facebook addiction is having many bad effects on our lives as education-family-social life are being damaged by its bad effects. 

A study recently published in the Journal of Behavior Addictions in where the Facebook addiction has been considered as dangerous as drugs.

The researchers had 71 participants take a survey that measured their psychological dependence on Facebook, similar to addiction.
The researchers then had the participants do the Iowa Gambling Task, a common exercise used by psychologists to measure decision-making. To successfully complete the task, users identify outcome patterns in decks of cards to choose the best possible deck. Research has shown that the more people who make bad decisions, the more they use social media. Those who have done well in the test use social media less.

The gambling task noted that people who abuse opioids, cocaine, methamphetamine, among others—have similar outcomes on the Iowa Gambling Task, thus showing the same deficiency in decision-making.. It is known that in most cases, the cause of addiction is to get likes on Facebook or to attract the attention of others.

Researchers said that if social media like Facebook is shut down for just four weeks, people's behavior and mental state will change drastically. People may not know much about contemporary issues because of the use of Facebook, but they are happy.