Excellent puzzled day after 808 yrs...

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Excellent puzzled day after 808 yrs

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 Published: 10:16 AM, 20 February 2020   Updated: 11:31 AM, 20 February 2020

Photo: Collected

Photo: Collected

Today is an excellent date the eyes are beating the puzzle, have you noticed? To write the entire date, you must use only two numbers four times.

20-02-2020; Regardless of the date / month / year or month / day/ year, you should write '2' and '0' four times. Without the Palindrome system, such a date came about 808 years ago. That was – 21-12-1212.

You can say that this month another date, '02-02-2020' also doubles four times. The date is a palindrome, the most common one is today. Those who play different plays with words or numbers are much known to a palindrome. Palindrome means that the pronunciation or meaning of the word doesn’t change from the front to the back or in its reversed form. The last date for this kind palindrome was 11-11-11111; About 900 years ago. But today's date is the common one.