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Gazipur City Election

Everyone wants fair election

 Gazipur Correspondent Daily-Bangladesh

 Published: 10:43 PM, 27 April 2018  

Candidates of Gazipur City Corporation election wants a free, fair and neutral election. There is more tension among the supporters than the candidates. The administration has taken all kinds of measures to give neutral elections. In terms of volume, only 17 days left for the country`s biggest Gazipur City Corporation elections. The leaders and workers of the rival parties have been united by meeting their internal problems.

BNP candidate Hasan Uddin Sarker, from 9.00 am on Thursday, and Awami League candidate Jahangir Alam started the campaign from his home, Chaidana area at 8:30 am. On the other hand, Islami Oikya Jote candidate Fazlur Rahman also started the campaign from Zuma prayers.

Former BNP MP and 20 party`s candidate MP Hasan Uddin Sarker fearing of going to the voting centre freely. He said the government is controlling the administration. If the administration is under the control of the government, people will be given a reply.

He said the government has so much development. No one can travel on many roads yet. Do not they see it? The BNP will gain as much as they do. Later, he organized mass contact with central and local leaders in Kilker, Hindubari Ghar, Battala area, Jhajar, Dagge and several other areas. He performed Jumaa prayers at Dag`s Chala Jamtala Jami Mosque. At that time, the local leaders including ex-minister Altab Hossain Chowdhury, standing committee member Nazrul Islam Khan, former minister Nitai Roy Chowdhury, Mostafa Jamal Haider, former MP AKM Fazlul Haq Milon, Ahsan Habib Lincon, district BNP general secretary Kazi Sayedul Alam Babul and others were present. Later, they made mass contact in Chandna area of the city. Besides, a group of 20 party alliance partners of Jamaat-e-Islami, including the Ameer of Gazipur Metropolitan Police, detained 45 activists during the campaigning, fearing that BNP candidates and activists were facing panic among the people.

Meanwhile, Awami League nominated mayor candidate Jahangir Alam said that the elections will be held in a festive environment by the common people to continue the development trend. We want a free and fair election. To continue the development trend, the opportunity to vote will be created in the boat. Awami League-nominated mayor`s candidate, in his home and neighbourhood, communicated with public relations and media workers before the Friday prayers. Later, he performed Jumaar prayers in the central market of the city`s central Jami Mosque. After the prayers, he would vote for the boat near the worshipers. Later in the afternoon, he asked for vote to the voters in the 35, 36 and 37 wards of the city corporation.

Gazipur Metropolitan Awami League President Azmat Ullah Khan said that Awami League-backed candidate must win the election for Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina to continue the development of the country. The public is going to target the city elections

On the other hand, voters want free and fair voting in the polling centres to vote for the election and the neutral candidate. Voters say, whoever can be found near and the city`s area roads and water drainage system, which can be easily made, should be voted as the mayor. Regardless of the criteria, we should choose such candidate.

Gazipur Deputy Commissioner Dewan Muhammad Humayun Kabir said that all the measures needed to be taken by the government and Election Commission to give a free, fair and neutral election.

In the Gazipur City Corporation election, the mayor candidate Maulana Mohammad Fazlur Rahman performed the Friday prayers in central Mosque at Chandna Chowrasta on Friday, the central joint secretary general of Islami Oikya Jote. During this time, he sought votes and prayers for the exchange of minds and mirror symbols. Besides, he also made election commissioner in Tongi Bazar, College Gate, Chirag Ali, Station Road, Kanabari, Kashimpur and other areas of the city. Go to the voters.

Also, hand winner of the symbol Nasir Uddin Barabari, Targa has and other areas of mass contact. Mayor of Communist Party of Bangladesh Ruhul Amin, Nasir Uddin of Islami Movement, Jalal Uddin of Islami Front and Independent Candidate Farid Uddin, Councilors and Reserved Women Councilors are also campaigning in the festive atmosphere.

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