Evaly becomes billionaire cheating with customers...

Dhaka, Tuesday   09 March 2021

Evaly becomes billionaire cheating with customers

 Md. Idris Alam daily-bangladesh.com

 Published: 08:24 PM, 26 January 2020   Updated: 10:46 PM, 26 January 2020

Photo: Collected

Photo: Collected

It has been alleged that e-commerce company Evaly is cheating with customers in tactics. Delivery is expected to be made within 15 days after order through online but after waiting month after month, the desired product does not get. At the same time, many customers are suffering after paying money in advance for their desired product.

Recently, a customer has ordered a motorcycle for his elder brother from Evaly but still, he doest not get the ordered product. He had to leave the house for this.

The victim Faruq Islam, said, "Today I am homeless after ordering a bike for my elder brother in Evaly. I will not be able to go home until I get bike. Please pray for me and say how can I get Hero Bike from Evaly.

Every day, customers are facing such harassment from Evaly. Their complaint is that Evelly never delivers the product on time. Even after waiting for three or four months, the customer is told that the product is not being delivered due to the stock being out.

It has been alleged that the company does not return the money directly to victims. It is said it will be adjusted when the victim will purchased product next time that is an offense in the Consumer Rights Protection Act.

Article 45 of the Consumer Rights Protection Act states that for not selling or delivering the goods or services promised in exchange for the price paid, there can be additional one-year imprisonment or indeterminate imprisonment or a fine of Tk 50, 000 or both.

Victims said, "We can see our money but we cannot take it." That means the company is cheating with us. If they cannot give us the product then why not immediately return the money. By doing so, they are keeping billions of money in their possession. And with that money, Evaly is doing business. They go from one offer to another without delivering the previously ordered product. They are cheating like Destiny who has made billions of money in the name of MLM business.

Recently, a customer has paid for buying three mobile phones, but the products did not deliver in time. When he got phones it was not he ordered and for exchange, he had to pay extra money. He posted this cheating news on social media and it went viral.

Victim customer Shamim Rafi told Daily Bangladesh that I ordered three Motorola E5 Plus mobiles and paid Tk 23,070 through bKash. Mobiles are supposed to be delivered in 15 days they did not delevered it saying out of stock. Later, they offered me Mi Redmi Note 7S but for that, three thousand more money will have to be paid.

Since I needed all three mobiles, I made a payment to Evaly another nine thousand takas and they delivered me a mobile phone on November 22 via courier service called 'Paperfly'.

But after seeing the delivered mobile and its money receipt I become bewildered. Because they delivered me only a single phone but I paid for them for three phones.

When I immediately called Evaly's customer care, I was informed that the remaining two mobile phones would be refunded.

After I made a written complaint to consumer rights, some Evali officials gave the rest of the phones an apology to the consumer rights manager's room.

He added that many victims have already come up with allegations against Evaly at the National Consumer Rights Protection Directorate. Every day such victims are coming. At the same time, some of the Evaly officials are always there to manage these issues.

On condition of anonymity a victim, said that the major problem of Evaly is that they do not keep delivery time fixed. There are also questions about quality of products. It's been almost three months since I ordered and haven't received the product yet. There is no cooperation from the authorities.

Halim, a customer, wrote in the comments on the page of Evaly, that on December 16, I ordered a laptop but still not received. Customer Care was informed that I would receive the product within 15 office days. With confidence, I did not even make another call. So far the whole system is under processing. Could you please inform a reasonable reason, he asked Evaly Authority?

An Assistant Director of the National Consumer Rights Protection Department said on condition of anonymity, "Assistant directors are taking action on all the complaints we have received." Action is taken when the evidence of the complaint is received.

Regarding the number of allegations filed, he said, every day many allegations are being made against Evaly.

When asked about allegations, E-Commerce Association of Bangladesh (E-Cab) general secretary Abdul Wahed Tamal said, "We have not received any customer complaints yet." However, we have noticed the problem of Evaly through Facebook and other media. We informed those to Evaly. They told us they had taken appropriate action.

When phoned several times about these allegations the phone of Evaly's CEO Mohamed Russell was found switched off.