Alexa Evaly accused of cheating over online offers

Dhaka, Friday   28 February 2020


Evaly accused of cheating over online offers

 Md. Idris Alam

 Published: 07:38 PM, 25 January 2020   Updated: 10:36 PM, 25 January 2020

Photo: Collected

Photo: Collected

Dr. Sohag, a worse sufferer of online shopping-site Evaly’s cheating after ordering a TV from the site as he has paid the cost already but the Evaly is requesting him to cancel the order instead of delivering the product. He has also made a complaint to the consumer rights for the matter. Many other customers have complained against Evaly for such fraud.

Cyclone, Londobhondo (wacky), ‘No 15 offer signal all over the country’, the company is running its cheating by attracting the people through many of such offers in horrible names. Some people are also worried about pre-order money back.

Nazmul Islam Bhuiyan, a sufferer buyer who has been victimized by ordering a smartphone named Realme X2 model without any offers. The price of the phone is Tk 22 thousand 500.

The victim recently revealed the allegations on Facebook. He wrote on Facebook that after a week of ordering, he went stuck in Evaly’s trap without getting any good news. The company’s helpline didn’t help him while Evaly CEO Mohamed Russell's WhatsApp app didn’t respond.

Another victim, Anik Biswas, ordered two winter hats in Evaly. He was also cheated only with Tk 600. Later Evaly delivered him lower quality torn hats which are only available at Tk 150 in the market. But no solution was available even after complaining on its page.

Another victim, SD Bappi, said that he was the victim of fraudulent offer of giving a mobile phone at Tk 16.

Meanwhile, thousands of complaints have been filed with the National Consumer Rights Protection Directorate against Evaly.

Article 45 of the Consumer Rights Protection Act states that for not selling or delivering the goods or services promised in exchange for the price paid, there can be additional one-year imprisonment or indeterminate imprisonment or a fine of Tk 2,00000 or both.

Article 52 states that any action that could endanger the life or safety of the service-receivers by disobeying the rules and regulations laid down under any law or regulation, could result in an additional three years' imprisonment or indeterminate imprisonment or a fine of up to two lakh taka or both.

And in article 53 it is stated that if any physical hamper or financial loss has occurred for negligence, irresponsibility or negligence of a service provider, there may be an additional three years' rigorous or indeterminate imprisonment or a fine of up to two lakh taka or both penalties.

Assistant Director of the National Consumer Rights Protection Department Md. Abdul Jabbar said, in the name of such offers of the e-commerce company, if a customer is harassed or cheated, complain to us. He also assures to take action according to the privileged acts in the condition of investigation. He warns of giving no spare.

Mohammad Russell, managing director of e-commerce company Evaly, said he was out of the country. Later, when he was sent a question on his WhatsApp, he said he would answer after coming home. He did not receive mobile calls when he came home even no reply was received so far even after sending multiple SMS in this regard.