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Dhaka, Saturday 19 Jan, 2019

Ethephon used to ripe raw bananas

Mirsharai (Chattogram) CorrespondentDaily-Bangladesh.com
Photo: Daily Bangladesh

Toxic chemicals Ethephon is used to make bananas ripe in the warehouses by avoiding the eyes of the administration of Mirsharai in Chattogram. The administration says a drive will be conducted from now on.

While going to the Banana warehouses in Upazila's Baratakia Bazar, it is found that more than 50-hand of bananas have been kept in black plastics with the mixing of chemicals. When want to know, the laborers of the warehouse said they do not use any kind of chemical to ripe bananas.

It is known that the stockists collected raw bananas from various places from Mirsharai Sadar, Baraihat Bazar, Mithashara and Abutorab. After buying Ethephon chemicals, they mixed it with a bucket of water and kept the bananas in it. After that, the chemical mixture is kept in sacks. With this, the bananas turned to ripe color within two days.

Bulbul Ahmed, an official of the Department of Agricultural Extension said that Ethephon has to be applied through the spray while in the fruit trees. This rule also applies to bananas. Ethephon before appropriate time is harmful to health.

“The drive will be carried out soon after discussions with the upazila and district administration,” said the official.


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