Eshita becomes a successful entrepreneur starting with Tk 259...

Dhaka, Sunday   11 April 2021

Eshita becomes a successful entrepreneur starting with Tk 259

 Rashed Mamun

 Published: 10:46 PM, 2 March 2021  

Eshita becomes a successful entrepreneur starting with Tk 259

Eshita becomes a successful entrepreneur starting with Tk 259

Eshita Akhter Tania was suffering from frustration in November 2018. She knew that she had to do something to overcome depression. But she was wondering what to do, suddenly an idea comes to her head. Following that idea, she starts a business with Tk 259 only and now becomes a successful entrepreneur.

The successful entrepreneur is currently living on Bailey Road in Dhaka. She was born in her maternal grandfather's house at Chitalmari upazila in Bagerhat. There she passed primary and secondary level. After that, she came to Dhaka and passed HSC from Nawab Habibullah of Uttara. She completed her graduation in English from the Premier University of Technology.

Eshita started working with a piece of wood. She buys pieces of wood from the market and makes different kinds of jewelry-- nose rings, rings, and pendants-- at her own effort. And to make these ornaments more attractive by painting on wooden beige. She got a taste of the difference in this. She started with a piece of wood but now Eshita is also working with sari-Punjabi. She is also drawing in sari-Punjabi with her own hands.

Eshita is busy with painting

Eshita usually works online. The name of his Facebook page is 'Ishraf style zone'. She is getting good response on the page. However, the successful entrepreneur is thinking of working offline in the future.

Eshita Akhter Tania said, "At the end of 2018, I used to feel very lonely. I used to spend my days with depression. I started thinking I have to stand on my own feets. And from that thought came the idea in the last week of the month to buy some pieces of wood from the market. I used to live in Uttara then. I didn't even ask my parents for money. I had Tk259 in my vanity bag. I went to the market with that money. But I could not find wood in any shop. Suddenly I find a piece of wood in a shop. Then I bought that wood and came home."

When asked why she chose this profession, Eshita said, "The reason for choosing this job is that it has a mixed national tradition. It is also a unique work. Despite the hardships, many of my memories are involved in the piece of wood. Even if you work with other products, you will still have wooden jewelry."

Asked if she faced any obstacles while going to work, she said, "In the beginning, friends including relatives used to laugh at me. Because I am studying in English, I am also doing this despite passed in the BCS preliminary exam. Many people did not take the matter normally. But my parents have supported me from the beginning. Sometimes they also had frustrated listening to the people around them. Then I would manage it."

In response to a question about how she is getting the response from the customers, the successful entrepreneur said, "In the beginning, I had to do very hard work to get a response from customers. Even after posting on the Facebook page, I did not get much response. But now Alhamdulillah I am getting a good response. I have had the most sales, especially during corona."

When asked about future plans Eshita said, since I wanted to become a designer from my childhood. So I want to establish myself as a prominent jewelry and clothing designer. Even if it is made by hand, I always want to deliver the best product to every customer.