Egypt-UAE welcomes Bahrain`s scandalous decision...

Dhaka, Wednesday   23 September 2020

Egypt-UAE welcomes Bahrain`s scandalous decision

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 Published: 10:40 AM, 12 September 2020  

Egypt-UAE welcomes Bahrain`s scandalous decision

Egypt-UAE welcomes Bahrain`s scandalous decision

Egypt and the United Arab Emirates have welcomed Bahrain's shocking decision to set up normal diplomatic relations with Israel.

On Friday night, Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi congratulated Bahrain in a Twitter message, claiming that the Israeli-Bahrain agreement would play a key role in establishing peace in the Middle East.

Hend Al-Otaiba, a spokesman for the UAE's foreign ministry, called the decision by Israel and Bahrain to establish normal relations "very important." He claimed on Twitter that the agreement would help ease tensions in the Middle East.

Earlier on Friday, Bahrain announced the establishment of normal diplomatic relations with Zionist Israel. US President Donald Trump said in a Twitter message on Friday night that the Bahraini government had agreed to normalize relations with Israel.

The United States, Israel and Bahrain have issued a joint statement. The statement said that the monarchical government of Bahrain has agreed to establish full diplomatic relations with Israel.