Eating soap become an addiction for Karim over 33 years...

Dhaka, Friday   23 October 2020

Eating soap become an addiction for Karim over 33 years

 Mymensingh Correspondent

 Published: 04:05 PM, 17 October 2020   Updated: 04:13 PM, 17 October 2020

Abdul Karim

Abdul Karim

While delicious food like biryani, polao, korma, vegetables, pulses, and fruits are in the top list of our favorite foods, Abdul Karim, a resident of Dattapur village of Nandail upazilla of Mymensingh, has been eating soap as the main food for more than 33 years.

It is very surprising that Abdul Karim eats seven soaps daily. He started eating soap as it smelled good. He used to eat soap foam during bath. Then one day, he started eating soap.

He feels good to eat soap and decided to eat it regularly. The number of soaps consumed by him is increasing gradually. He started eating half of the soap then, but he needs seven soaps regularly nowadays.

Abdul Karim has a small food shop at Kanurampur bus stand. He used to eat soap in the shop. Many people become surprised to see this scene of eating soap. Abdul Karim has been eating soap for a long time and so everyone knows him in the area.

Abdul Karim’s shop at Kanurampur bus stand

Anwara, wife of Abdul Karim, said, “At first I used to tell him not to eat soap having fear of danger. The doctor also forbade him to eat soap but he didn’t care.”

Abdul Karim said that I don’t feel good without eating soap. I eat various soaps including Lifebuoy in the morning and evening.